A Meatless Fro-Yo – Filled Day

My reaction to the outcome of the SuperBowl...Mat only had a smile on his face because I was being silly....He would have a black eye otherwise....haha

While yesterday’s game was a total nail-biter until the very end…and while I admit I went to bed very disgruntled…I was able to wake up with a big old smile on my face with the plans I had for today because…


After a morning of accomplishing a few errands, I headed over to take one of my personal favorite yoga classes at 24-fitness. Normally I get very cautious when attending a yoga class, because I do not want to walk out thinking how I probably just wasted a full hour of my day. Most of the yoga classes I take are always the same poses, same phrases, and same flows. The lady who teaches this class really surprised me last week with how different her style and poses are. Thank goodness! I promised myself that whenever I have a free morning on Mondays that my little yogi-self will be in her class! Not to mention, yoga can give your body some incredible natural toning benefits, while at the same time lower your stress level and blood pressure — hint hint (GET HEART HEALTHY WITH YOGA!)

After yoga, I headed home to try out the Gardein chicken I picked up at whole foods earlier. Gardein is a newer meatless meat brand, their slogan is quite cute “cheat on meat.” I figured in honor of “Meatless Monday” that this would be a great pick! Their products are a great source of soy protein – a delicious option for all you vegetarians and vegans.

looks like chicken...but it aint!

I planned on having this with mustard….but unfortunately we were out. So onto the next best thing: sriacha sauce! On the side I had some carrots, celery, and jicama (the most refreshing veggies you’ll ever try!) ready to tip into some mango habanero salsa from the farmer’s market. I was quite satisfied on the flavor and juiciness of this “chicken” – definitely a winner in my meatless product list!


I will be heading to several frozen yogurt spots in search of my favorite fro-yo. For those of you who have been long itme followers have heard me rae about Yogurtland and how it is the absolute best…well I moved on several months ago to Humphrey Yogart (which I sadly go to just about every day). Don’t get me wrong, Yogurtland is good – they have a lot of natural favoring in their fro-yo; but, for me, Humphrey’s has such a great atmosphere, amazing employees, and I always have fun making up my own creation.
So today I will be trying to only get samples; however, some spots are not self-serve, and do not offer up samples…so I will be forced to have a full cup! oh boy!

Now the best part: One of the reasons why I want to only get samples is because I plan on having Mat and I go on a little date when he gets home from work to share my top choice fro-yo spot  🙂 Let the tasting begin!!



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