A Very Sweet Day – AKA National Frozen Yogurt Day!


Whew! After a long day of taste testing several different frozen yogurt places….here are the verdicts (lets just say I was not surprised).

Farm Boy: 4 flavors – plain, peanutbutter, strawberry, blueberry. Self-serve
I chose plain  (I figured it had the least amount of sugar in comparison to the other 3). Their frozen yogurt, tastes just as if you took some actual yogurt and stuck it in the freezer. It has an excellent balance between tart and creamy. For me, I enjoy Farmboy with a lot of fruit. It is the type of fro-yo that just a little bit hits the spot perfectly. For some reason, I typically enjoy just a little bit with my fruit, rather than a whole cup-full with fruit. Weird? Yeah, I figured….haha.

light and refreshing!

Verdict: excellent mid-day refresher, but can only handle a little at a time.


I really like their cute slogan: "get blizzed" haha

They had a TON of flavors and even more toppings. Great flavor ideas, and I was glad to see they had no sugar added flavors (I really cannot stand indulging in something super yummy, and realizing that I’m just eating spoonfulls of sugar, which make me groggy and crankier than normal hehe).

NSA Pecan Praline: sweet n creamyyy

The consistency was VERY thick, more like custard than frozen yogurt. I didn’t hate it, but I felt like it probably would have been a little “too much” to get a cup to go.


coffee -- worst, cherry vanilla -- not too shabby


I had been here once before back when we first moved out here. The place itself was very nostalgic for me – it reminded me exactly of the ice cream shop I used to work at a couple years ago – both the aroma and ambiance. They sadly only had a few flavors to choose from. Their once No Sugar Added flavor, Raspberry was pretty good, as was their Cherry Vanilla, but their coffee: absolutely bitter and gross…and I love coffee. Even more so, their price was a little much at 39 cents an ounce. This is definitely at the bottom of my list…

Studio Frozen Yogurt

Mat and I always go by this place, and go to the Coffee Bean right next door, and yet we have never tried this place out…and I have no idea why!  They change their flavors every Monday Wedneday and Friday – great for variety! They are, however, a little pricey. A small 11oz.

(left to right, and behind) chocolate cheesecake, strawberry, chocolate banana

But they do carry the Carbolite frozen yogurt (a sugar-free, and very much guilt-free  fro-yo)  — today’s flavors were Dulce de Leche and Chocolate Cheesecake (which I tried a sample of). They also carry “dream delight” which is a no sugar added frozen yogurt brand which is sweetened with fructose (not high fructose corn syrup – don’t worry) instead of sugar. Fructose is actually the same thing as fruit sugar, so our body absorbs it naturally. Today’s flavor were Strawberry (which I tried – very yummy!) and Triple Chocolate Fudge.”  Their other regular sugar-added flavors consisted of: Chocolate Banana (I tried it-Hated it), Country Vanilla, Chocolate Classic, Irish Mint, and Peanut Butter. Nice variety! With this being the 4th place I visited, I was relieved at how good it was J The one thing I am not a fan of (besides it not being self-serve), is that they also put the toppings on for you…lame.

I went a little out of my way for this place, coming from the valley into beverly hills, but I had someone rave about how great this place was because they carried the carbolite flavors. I figured I would check it out. With it being located in Beverly Place, I had the intention that it would be nice and clean….far from. Not to mention, I had to ask for the guy to get me samples of the self-serve…hmm they clearly have trust issues when it comes to their customers making a mess! I felt bad asking for several samples – I tried the chocolate brownie, pistachio, and cappuccino. I was about to walk out, but figured with it being rush hour, that my tummy might be a little angry if I got stuck in traffic.

pistachio and chocolate brownie with some strawberries...not too shabby

While this place was pretty good, they charge 41 cents an ounce, and it definitely was NOT worth the amount of travel time I wasted coming home fighting through traffic. I would only stop by this place if I was in the area.


So many people talk about how great this place is! I figured it was just like Yogurtland – a really yummy chain. I stepped in and really hoped this would be a winner.

This place was SO cute! I couldn’t wait to try their flavors and take Mat here…until I actually tried their flavors. disgusting. This was by far the most disappointed I have been in a fro-yo place.


sorry for the poor quality...i was driving 🙂

….I did not even bother. In honor of National Frozen Yogurt Day, they were offering free frozen yogurt between 4 and 7pm, and the line (if you can see from the picture) was far out the door. However, I will say, I LOVE their new no-sugar-added flavor “Yo Frappe.” Its a delicious coffee flavor with hints of caramel and chocolate. It tastes delicious with a few bananas and oreo crumbles…mmmm. Oh well, I did fine without it today to be honest :). Yogurtland is probably my favorite in terms of chain fro-yo places.

After a day of taste testing, I was not totally shocked by the winner:

the best stuff is here.

YUP. You just cannot beat a place that has the PERFECT sweet vanilla frozen yogurt, and delicious carb-friendly flavors. Not to mention this is a place where you can blend in your toppings — or if you are against their blend-in-style, they’re more than happy to just sprinkle in your toppings for you. Best of all, they have the BEST staff full of customer service. No matter what kind of day I am having (and they have seen me on both my best and worst — so props to them for still being so nice to me!), I always leave so happy.

But I will say, the runner up was Studio Frozen Yogurt. Honestly, it was almost a close call between the two — but in the end, nothing can beat Humphrey’s.

Hope you all enjoyed at least ONE little serving in honor of fro-yo day….if not, that’s okay…I’ve probably enjoyed one or two for you already! 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Very Sweet Day – AKA National Frozen Yogurt Day!

  1. i agree with Max! or even just one fro-yo place in SC —- YEAH, RIGHT! ha!
    but i want to thank Miss Karen for keeping me on my toes & excited about eating healthy again!
    tonight i came very weary from tax season, and with no hubby to help make dinner, my thoughts instantly turned to a quick fix for my rumbling tummy.
    luckily i heard Miss Karen on my shoulder, telling me to think outside of the box—o-food, that is!
    pressed for time to get back to studying for the CPA exam, i had only 15 mins to cook & eat! i remembered the frozen salmon & edamame.
    i steamed the edamame & cooked the salmon in lemon juice, italian herbs & cayenne pepper. it was PERFECT! and i never missed the salt!!!

    • Traci, I am so proud of you! It really brightens my day when I see (or in this case read) people taking the step towards healthier lifestyle changes! Once you learn how to flavor things naturally…that jarred junk can no longer compare – no matter how convenient it may be….as long as you have some essential herbs and spices at your finger-tips, you will never have a dull entree/side!

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