Dancing With Billy Blanks Jr

What better way to work up a good s

How cute are they?!

weat than to shake that booty?! That was exactly what I did earlier this week when I decided to try out 24-Hour Fitness’s “Dance with me” class.
“Dance with Me” is a  cardiovascular workout program designed by Billy Blanks Jr. He is most known for his “Dance with me: Groove &Burn” and “Dance with Me: Cardio Fit” workout videos, which have helped so many people get fit, lose weight, and most importantly having fun while doing it!

Upon entering class, I expected it to be run by one of the local fitness instructors, just like any other class – but to me surprise, it was Billy Blanks along with his beautiful wife running the show!
Having danced for the majority of my life, it was a blast to be able to feel the music and put our own personal twists to each move they had us perform. They mixed styles of country, hip hop, and my personal favorite: musical. Even though the class was packed, there was still enough breathing room for each of us. The fact that there were so many participants actually made me feel a little more comfortable, because I did not feel like I was being watched by others around me.

Billy had a way of sneaking in upbeat high intervals throughout each of the dances with out any of us really being concious about it. We would do a few counts at a moderate speed, then the tempo would really increase in intensity….as did our steps and body movements. This class reminded me why dance had been a passion of mine for the majority of my life: it can be an incredible cardio workout, it is incredibly fun, and it is a great way to really connect and feel the music. It can be a really emotional experience once you really get into the music, and a great chance to just let loose and make a fool of your self (and I mean that in the best way possible!)

I can definitely say that this class ranks very high on my personal favorite group fitness classes, alongside with Piyo (Which I sadly will no longer be able to attend for quite some time due to work). While I love my personal workouts, I find a great deal of enjoyment from taking a group class lately. Not to mention, it is a great way to meet new faces.

Do you have a personal favorite group fitness class? What are the aspects that make it so intriguing, and making you want to come back for more??

Tell me whatcha think!

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