Easter Raspberry Pancakes

Happy Easter! 🙂

I hope the Easter Bunny left you with MANY yummy treats this morning!
With all this “always-on-the go” lifestyle I have adapted to, I woke up this morning and did not want to move…nor did I get out of bed until 730!!! For any of you that is probably far too early, but for me, that’s 2 hours past my normal waking time – I know, I know I’m crazy. And I think my spontaneous itch to get out of LA proved it quite well yesterday:

apparently we only live like 3 hours from the boarder - I had no idea we were that close until yesterday!

SO CLOSE! and so tempting!

So I decided to jump into my car and just get out of LA -I ended up in Old Town in Sand Diego, which as SO cute! After I had my fill, I figured, hey let’s see how much further the boarder is! Well about 30-45 min later, I was pretty darn close. Had I not been told that it takes at least 3 hours to cross BACK into the U.S. I would have definitely done it. Alas, I will just wait until I drag Mat along to keep me company 🙂 So from there I decided to drive back up to LA to call it a day/night….and I was so fortunate to snap a shot of this beautiful sunset while going back through University Heights:


And boy I was pooped by the time I came home- I passed out immediately after I put in a movie. And this morning – my body said, “let me be.” With the extra time of laying in bed, I thought up this delicious and slightly dense pancake breakfast:

Raspberry Cake pancakes with a creamy yogurt drizzle

These came out tasting delicious; however, I was hoping for something a little more fluffy – these came out a little too dense. But  delicious none-the-less 🙂

– 3 TBSP Pamela’s pancake mix
-1TBSP Visalus cake batter protein powder (Thanks Brent!)
-2 TBSP Eggwhite mix
-1/2 TBSP Apple Sauce
-2 TBSP water
-2 TSP sugar-free raspberry syrup (the same brand they use at starbucks, you can get them at whole foods)

Mix the wet ingredients together and slowly add in the dry ingredients, and pour into your skillet. Makes 2 🙂

For the Yogurt Drizzle:
-1/4 cup vanilla yogurt
-2 TBSP unsweetened almond milk
-1/2 TBSP visalus cake batter protein powder
-1/2 TBSP Isopure vanilla protein powder

Mix it all together to achieve a smooth and creamy consistency. You can play around with the ingredients to alter the thickness towards your liking.
Top off with fruit and Chia seeds, and enjoy!

This is the first Easter without either my family or Mat, so I plan t be keeping myself somewhat busy and active to prevent that self-pitty “boo-hoo I’m all alone” feeling 😛
Which can only mean a few things (depending on my level of motivation): The farmer’s market, baking, hiking, cooking, another spontaneous trip, homework.
The latter one will most likely not occur, but at least I can say I made it an option!
Oh, and let’s not forget the obvious: snacking a little too much on all the goodies my mom sent me, which I am sad to say are already mostly gone!!

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