Farmer’s Market Finds – Alkalizing Tonic

I hope you all have had an awesome weekend! I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to reconnect with one of my dad’s oldest friends and join his family at the LA Galaxy Game Saturday night.

Oh hey Beckham!

Bruce and I at the game 🙂 hooray!

It was SUCH a great game, not to mention, Bruce scored us some pretty awesome seats (7 rows back from the field!!).  Furthermore, it was great to reconnect and catch up with one of or dearest family friends…not to mention both he and his wife Heather are the owners of Purity Ice Cream – which is quite possibly one of the best homemade ice creams you will ever try. They’re located in Ithaca, NY, so if you’re ever in the area, definitely hit Bruce and Heather up! They’re a hoot, and pretty awesome to interact with 🙂

Now on to the rest of the weekend…

Every Sunday, Mat and I have a special morning routine which we do our best to stick to: early morning gym session (I typically go solo and let Mat sleep in), breakfast, coffee bean, and then the farmer’s market in Studio City. While there are tons of fruit and veggie stands, there are also many specialty stands which deserve a great deal of recognition.  This week I stopped by the “Raw Cane Sugar” stand, which offers up several raw and organic cane juices used to detox and rejuvenate our bodies. My co-worker Tania just recently purchased their “Master Cleanse” juice – which she just finished this past Friday (She did 5-days of nothing but the cleanse juice…now that is dedication!)
As I stopped by, I tried their two main samples: the master cleanse, which has a spicy and subtle sweet flavor, and the alkalizer tonic, which is made with lime juice to give it a sweet and refreshing flavor. Swept away by the tonic, I gave in a purchased a medium-sized bottle.

as you can see, I have already put a pretty dent into the bottle...yummy!

Now this stuff is pretty darn cool if you ask me. The only ingredients consist of the raw cane juice, lime juice, and chlorophyll. It can be taken straight up, or mixed with water for a lighter taste…and a good way to help make the bottle last a lot longer than 5 minutes! One of the main reasons why I grabbed this bottle was because I know I put my body through hell with stress, and the amount of coffee I drink throughout the morning to stay awake (which is highly acidic). I figured the alkalizing tonic would help to level out my body’s pH throughout the day, and help maintain a steady level of energy. I doubt I will notice too much of a difference with the bottle size I purchased (8-freaken-bucks! Yikes!), but hey it is worth a try!

The greatest benefit from raw cane juice in general is the fact that it can definitely satisfy your sweet tooth; however, it has a very low glycemic index (about 40). In fact, it is about half the index in comparison to table sugar (around 80). Especially with the alkalizing tonic, you can get that sweet and tart taste, without spiking your blood sugar.

Stay Tuned for another Farmer’s Market Find next week! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Finds – Alkalizing Tonic

  1. Hello doll!
    I’m really interested to know if you notice a difference this week, so please write a follow up as soon as you can!!! 😉
    Lots of love! ohhh, and make sure you finish up your taxes by tomorrow, or file extension. Need any help, just lemme know!
    Kisses!!!!! xxxooo and Hugs for Matthew
    traci 🙂

    • Yes! I havnt had the chance to really take it with my working hours blah but I will definitely post an update about he drink as we’ll as other fun supplemental things I have been using 🙂 yay!

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