Farmers Market Find: Salsa Poblanos!

For those of you just tuning in, I am beginning a weekly series called Farmers Market Find, where I share with you guys some of my favorite spots at our local market, as well as some new ones that I just tried out. Last week featured the alkalizing tonic cane juice, which I gave in and purchased another yesterday! This weekend’s Farmer’s Market Find is brought to you by Salsa Poblanos.

This stand is chock full of homemade salsas, guacamole, ceviche, and tortilla chips. Honestly, I think we stop by each weekend to sample the majority of their salsas – even though it is an odd thing to consume on a Sunday morning with your coffee…but hey if it’s free, I’ll take it!

We sampled an array of salsas, one in particular which they are most famous for is the Salsa Diablo. This bad boy is made from real ghost peppers, which, just so you know, are about 300-times hotter than a jalapeno pepper…yowzza!! I sampled this one a while back, and just after it hit my taste-buds I yelped: “&*(^%  $&#!+” This was a rare occasion where I cursed out-loud in public, man oh man was I embarrassed!!

One thing that is SO easy to give into is their 3 for $10 deal – choose any three items for 10 bucks.  It can be tricky to decide which salsas to pick for your deal, as they are all pretty darn good. My favorites include: Pineapple salsa (very spicy hot with a subtle sweet undertone), New Mexico Salsa (mild, yet pretty hot), and the Salsa Diablo (holy-cow-hot). Mat, on the otherhand, enjoys the more robust and mild salsas. His favorites typically are: Fire Roasted Salsa (mild, a roasted flavor with a slight sweetness) and the Grandpa Salsa ( mild, and made with black beans and corn). This time around we purchased The Pineapple Salsa, New Mexico, and the Fire Roasted salsas:

AND we had to grab a bag of their INCREDIBLE cactus tortilla chips, made from Nopal Cactus.

Best tortilla chips I have ever had!

These are far better for you in comparison to general corn chips, as the cactus gives them a punch of chlorphyll and b-vitamins..PLUS they are baked, which makes them even more reasonable to consume.

Not only are the salsas perfect for dipping, but they are also great for cooking! In the past, I have used the Pineapple Salsa in a shrimp stir-fry to provide a tropical flavoring. When Mat and I were heavily congested in our sinuses, he made a veggie and chicken stir-fry with the Salsa Diablo – woooowwyy that cleared us right up! And next up, I am hoping to try and make pulled chicken using either the Pineapple or the Fire Roasted salsa.

This is DEFINITELY one of our favorite spots while at the market –  not to mention, since we have become regulars at the stand, they typically always make sure to have the ones we request. And when they do not have what I want, they will apologize at the get-go when we arrive..haha are we pathetic or what?

When choosing salsas what do your taste-buds enjoy? Are you a hot-pepper dare devil like me or a mild pepper sissy like Mat? hehe

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