Farmer’s Market Find: The Good Cookie!

This week’s Farmers Market Find is quite delectable: The Good Cookie. Cookies that are all-around good?! yes please!
This line of cookies and other baked goods are offered up gluten free, and a select few are gluten free AND vegan. What I enjoy the most about these are that they are not crisp and dry like the average gluten-free cookie. Furthermore, unlike the average gluten-free cookie, these are void of added sugars  – in fact, everything is natural.
Lisa McCulloch and Amber Trailer are the masterminds behind the delicious recipes, with Amber’s mother who has lived with Celiac’s disease as her inspiration for concocting a cookie that is not only free of dairy, gluten, and flour BUT also tastes delicious! While they are the talented bakers…Kathy is the real gem representative for this company.We can always count on her for cookie samples each Sunday when we stop by 🙂


...who says 8:30 AM is too early for cookies?!?!

A main ingredients contributing towards the base and moisture to these cookies are nut butters – most commonly peanutbutter, but they also create cookies with sunflower butter and almond butter. A fan favorite, aside from traditional chocolate chip, is their Almond Joy cookie made with almond butter, coconut and chocolate chips – so delicious! While we typically opt for a pack of cookies made from peanut butter, we decided to grab chocolate chip made with almond butter:


After I devoured one before taste buds just couldn't handle the temptation after we purchased them!

SO GOOD! However, I am definitely more of a peanut butter fan over almond butter – I think its because the cookies made with peanut butter remind me of a cookie version of Reese’s peanut butter cup! Ether way, I have found that you really cannot go wrong with any of their cookies.

The thing I absolutely LOVE about their baked goods is how they use as little ingredients as possible. For example, the ingredients of the cookies I purchased this morning consisted of: gluten free oats, natural almond butter, organic evaporated cane juice, organic eggs, grapeseed oil, chocolate chips, and baking soda…and that’s it!

Furthermore, if you do not live in the Los Angeles area and are craving a bite out of their delicious cookies, not to worry!! You can order them online, and they have more to offer than just cookies. They offer up cakes, pies, cheesecakes, breads, and quiches! In fact, I made my first order to send some along for my brother, who has gone gluten free, for his 31st birthday! Technically it is already his birthday, according to eastern time..but I’m gonna have to wait since it is still only 1030 PM out here :-p
Happy Birthday Jimmy, I hope you enjoy your cookies! (even more so, I hope they make it to your doorstep before the mailman eats them! 🙂 haha )

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