Fish Tacos and Spicy Shrimp Salsa

I hope you all had a wonderful Cinco De Mayo!  Unfortunately, Mat had to work that evening, and I had a paper to write; however, we did manage to find a way to celebrate. For us, the afternoon was spent walking Toby down the Venice boardwalk from Santa Monica down to James Beach, which was featured in “I Love You Man.” And thanks to the movie, they are most known for….

Just enough to share, and satisfy 🙂 so good!!

Fish tacos! These were definitely one of the best fish tacos I have had. Made with fresh baked Mahi Mahi, black beans, pico de gallo, tortillas, and fresh made quac.  One downside….they are REDICIOUSLY  overpriced. And if that was not a pain in the ass enough, the waitstaff was very below par. Normally waiters will stop by after the food is served to check in and see how everything is…this normally occurs during mid-first-bite, so you’re only able to do that awkward head knod because your mouth is entirely too full. Well…this was not the case, in fact we were just past halfway done with our tacos before he stopped by. Then we had to wait another 20 minutes or so to grab the check. Unfortunately, these tacos were obnoxiously delicious, with a cute ambiance…but the price and service just won’t cut it for me.

Once I got home later in the afternoon, I decided to whip up something fitting for the holiday. I wanted to make a ceviche, but ended up with more of a salsa consistency. So here I have for you Spicy Shrimp Salsa.

spicy and refreshing, enjoyed with cactus chips!

Cooked shrimp
1 lime
assorted bell pepper
½ large cucumber, diced
1 jalapeno
red onion
green onion
small bunch of cilantro

Chop up veggies, and make sure your shrimp is either defrosted and or cooked. squeeze 1/2 your lime into a food processor, then assort the shrimp, veggies and cilantro. Top off by squeezing the second half of the lime. Pulse until everything is finely chopped.
Cool/store in the refrigerator and serve with your favorite dippers!

This was delicious when paired with cactus tortilla chips – so light and refreshing!


What fun Mexican foods/drinks did you enjoy to celebrate??


Tell me whatcha think!

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