Farmer’s Market Find: Probiotic Boost Juice!

I am sure you have heard of it more recently, as it is beginning to become a new health juice trend: Kombucha. It has been some time since I have heard about this drink, yet too sketpical to purchase a hyped juice drink without further research. Apparently it is supposed to work wonders for your digestive system, as well as providing an immunity boost. Hmm…how I guess this sounds pretty nifty, but how can something so beneficial actually taste good? That is one thing I have found to be such a letdown with these new “super foods” and “super drinks” – they taste awful. Therefore, the only way to increase market sales is to add a heaping of sugar to please the taste-buds of consumers.

Anyways, let’s get off that slight tangent I just made and focus on this product I decided to try out this past weekend: Kombucha.

I figured I would get a snap-shot on the studio city sign – since they host some of the best stands 🙂

This is from a booth called Probiotic Boosts, where they offer up a variety of treats including coconut bars, sour krauts, and kombucha. Miss Cherry Ng is at this stand on a weekly basis, and walys offering up delicious immune-boosting samples. Now, you can purchase this in its most plain form, or you can opt for some flavor.

Cherry and her fellow co-worker

Of course, I opted for the plain, which is called Amish; however, I did try out a few of their fruit flavored ones, and LOVED the watermelon! I had to remind myself that I would benefit more from the plain, and if I really wanted watermelon flavoring, well I ought to just buy and chop up some melon at home-which I actually did for a recipe I cannot wait to share with you guys!!
The taste of this drink was a resemblance of apple cider vinegar, yet a little less of a tart punch. Personally, I am used to this taste, as I take apple cider vinegar prior to consuming foods high in gluten – it makes it easier on the digestive system. On the other hand, for someone like Mat, who cannot even tolerate the smell of my cider vinegar…he nearly wanted to spit my sample out!

Now you are probably asking, what good is Kombucha, and is it worth investing in? As far as the first part of that question goes, this up and coming drink supports a healthy ecosystem within our gut – yes our gut is packed with living organisms! Sounds kind-of creepy, huh? Well we want to make sure we nourish and provide for our little living organisms within our digestive tract to ensure strong immunity and a smooth flowing tract. It is important to understand that the reason why consuming certain foods have a large impact on our overall health: our gut makes up of about 80% of our immune system! Now you can probably understand why I promote consuming healthy and unprocessed foods 🙂
Now to answer the latter…is it worth the investment? Meh. This drink in particular is infused with three types of tea, and organic fruit juice. The fruit juice part kind-of got to me after I made the purchase. This is what fruit juice is, in comparison to its whole fruit form: yummy juice with out its fiber content. Can I just have it without the juice? ugh. Yes, this is probably a nice supplement to your diet every now and then, but I wouldn’t bother making it a daily habit. But hey, at five-bucks a bottle, why not?

After I left, I almost wished I purchased tried out the more expensive product: sour kraut — oh well, there is always another weekend to explore new things 😉

On a brighter note – Have a wonderful and safe memorial holiday!  Enjoy the kick-off to grillin’ season, and pay remembrance to those who have served our country for us.

Tell me whatcha think!

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