Refreshing Kick-off to Grilling Season

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Holiday! Unfortunately Mat had to work … tourism days = good commission, and lack of playtime! haha
We were, however, fortunate enough to spend the daytime together and venture up to Encino, CA where we hiked some trails (Sorry, I forget the name!).

And I tell ya, I love when I get to incorporate these signts into my days:

Pictures could never give this view justice.

This is one thing i am SO greatful that Los Angeles has to offer…phenominal hiking trails, and incredibly rewarding views. It really is a great way to “Get away from it all” without having to travel too far.
Yes, we had Toby come along 😉 He was SUCH a trooper, given that it was a pretty tough hike AND it was super hot out! He is such a little goof when we go on hikes – he has a tendency to trot along quite well, but he slows down significantly when we walk through a little bit of shade (A little extra second to cool off). Well not only did he do his little cool down trot, but he actually just plopped down and decided “Okay guys, I’m pooped!” Which only meant we were gonna have to carry him back up the hill…and YUP! he was a sleepy boy for the rest of the evening 🙂 Mission accomplished!

Now, since Mat had to spend the evening at work, and the fact that we do not have access to a grill… that did not stop me from making a slight attempt to grill. Thank you George Foreman!

I decided to create a yummy refreshing  Summer Mint Salad,  along with lemon-seasoned grilled shrimp on top of some balsamic coleslaw:

Healthy, refreshing, and robust in flavor…hello summer 🙂

Summer Mint Salad:
Equal parts, cut into small cubes:
Handful of mint leaves, diced
Salt (optional)

Dice equal parts of watermelon, Jicama, and  cucumber. Finely chop up mint leaves. Place into a container, and sprinkle a little salt (if desired). Cover the container, and shake to mix up the ingredients. Allow to sit in the refrigerator overnight or up to 24 hours before serving.

This little salad, came out so sweet, and SO refreshing…not to mention addicting!! I HIGHLY  recommend incorporating this side dish at your next grill-out!

For the coleslaw, I simply ppurchased a baggie of broccoli coleslaw from the grocery store, and added in some sel-caramelized onions. From there I marinated the mix in some balsamic vinegar and a few squeezes from a lemon.

The grilled shrimp was equally easy. I thawed out some frozen shrimp, and allowed it to sit in some fresh lemon juice for about 45 minutes. After marinating, I strung them along a kebab stick and allowed it to “grill” on our little foreman. After placing on top of the coleslaw, I drizzled a little more lemon juice, and garnished it off with some black pepper.

Excellent dinner for one 🙂 Dessert? Some delicious chocolate chip cookies, compliments of The Good Cookie. Delicious AND satisfying 🙂

Personally, I LOVE grilled fish…I think when it comes to choosing between fish, pork, beef, or poultry…I will more than likely opt for the fish 🙂 It makes everything seem so much more refreshing.  But don’t get me wrong…I do love my chicken (so long as it is a lean cut)!!

How did you enjoy your Memorial Day?

Tell me whatcha think!

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