Farmer’s Market Find: A Bouquet for your Salad!

My apologies for completely skimping on your guys the past two weekend on my Farmer’s Market Finds! I have been quite the busy bee in completing two pretty awesome courses for my master’s degree – being Advanced Nutrition & Metabolism, and the other Nutrition for Optimal Longevity. I have to say, while it is SUCH a hassle fitting in time during my waking hours to get my work done, it is so worth it. The stuff I learn in these classes are too cool 🙂

Now, this weekend’s find is very pretty: imagine having a bouquet of flowers in your salad! Okay, so I guess a bouquet is an exaggeration…but there are flower petals. I decided to take a gander at what Scarborough Farms had to offer. This farm stand is well-known within the Los Angeles area, as many restaurants use their produce for their salads and main courses, especially the well-known Tender Greens.

While Scarborough farms has a wide selection of various greens, and cooking herbs, they are most known for their “Special Mix”

Hmm…are those petals supposed to be in there? YUP!

This mix is a variety of frisee, spring mix, baby spinach, and all different kinds of flower petals. I was a little hesitant to grab this, as the idea of eating flower petals slightly weirds me out. Never again will I think that, they offer up a zesty punch to these greens. At $8 a pound, you would think that may be a little on the pricier side…then again, we have to remember that it takes A LOT of greens to weight up to a full pound. I got a decent sized bag for 1/4 pound, costing me about 2 bucks – not too shabby!
I immediately went to work once I came home with this colorful baggie, to whip up a super easy salad:

Perfect salad for a hot summer day!

I whipped up a batch of quinoa, and defrosted some shrimp, and diced up some Armenian cucumbers I got from Island Farms, and added in some chopped jicama and red pepper.

So pretty 🙂

This was so simple to make, but the flavors were very complex. The greens offered a subtle spiciness, with sweet undertones provided by the balsamic. Perfection for a cool summer day!

Hope you all have enjoyed your weekend!!

3 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Find: A Bouquet for your Salad!

  1. What were the flower petals included in the mix? I know that nasturtiums are edible altho I have never tried them.

    • Hey Max! I think there were nasturtiums, but don’t quote me on it. When I asked what kind of flowers were in there, I didn’t fully pay attention to be honest…just when I heard rose petals, I figured “oh pretty, I’ll take some!!” 🙂

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