Eat your Peas!

Whew, it has been quite a while since I did a foodie review. Well, today I remembered to snap a few photos from a new lunch-spot that Mat took me to after I got off work! I’ve read fabulous reviews on this place a few months back; however, they had been closed for several months, up until last week, for renovations. Needless to say, I was super excited to get off work and check this spot out.

Located in Culver City, Green Peas, offers up a variety of creative and healthy sandwiches, salads, and divine desserts. They pride themselves on their fresh ingredients, and vegan options without compromising robust flavor.

I was a little taken back when I saw the prices, ranging from about 8-10 bucks for a sandwich, and my expectations for quality suddenly became a little higher than usual – for that price they better be pretty darn good sandwiches!

After placing our order “to-go” (C.A. charges tax when you order “for here” — just a heads up to all my foodies out there!!), we waited about 15 minutes before hearing our order called…finally! My belly was beginning to get slightly anxious and angry while waiting.

I downed the first half of my sandwich before I remembered to snap a picture of it for you guys…Like I said, my belly was  being quite demanding!

Spicy Gardein Chicken Sandwich on Rye with a side salad, and chipotle aoli on the side.

I have a weird liking for vegan chicken, Gardeinbrand to be specific. I know it is fairly processed, and relatively high in sodium, BUT there is just something about the taste that I just love!! I find it to be a great pick for “Meatless Mondays.”
The flavor of this sandwich was very complex. While it is stated to be “spicy” with the help of the chipotle aoli, but there was also a ton of rosemary herbs on the “chicken,” which gave a deeper/robust flavor. It was a very interesting pairing, and I definitely liked it 😉

Mat opted for a similar sandwich:

Chipotle Chicken in a pita with herb-roasted potatoes.

Mat did not quite go on the vegan route like I did, but his was of similar theme. He got a Chipotle chicken sandwich, which also came with chipotle aoli, and had it put in a whole wheat pita with a side of roasted potatoes…yummyy!

Overall, we were both very pleased with the quality of Green Peas. They may have been slightly on the pricer side, when compared to other lunch-spots, but the portions were huge. We definitely got our money’s worth!
I would highly recommend this place if you find yourself in the Culver City area, for a fresh and high quality meal, that won’t completely empty your wallet 😉

Tell me whatcha think!

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