Puppy Birthday Treats

Guess who’s birthday it was today!! (Or at least his paperwork states his birthday as today’s date)

Yup! Today was Toby’s 1st birthday 🙂

After work, while I had a decent amount of homework to finish up, I decided to put it on the back burner for today and spend it with my crazy bundle of joy!

After a quick lunch, I took the Tobes to the puppy park nearby. While he is considered to be a small dog (under 20lb), he could care less about those dogs – they don’t have nearly enough energy for him. We typically forgo the small dog section, and just allow him to interrogate and rile up the larger dogs. Everyone there can always count on Toby to get their pups up and running…literally. He does a great job at teasing the larger dogs, then bolting away to be chased. Lucky for him, he is generally the fastest one at the park! That’s my boy 🙂

After a few hours in the sun and running around, I took Toby to Three Dogs Bakerya gourmet puppy treat shop. There are several throughout the U.S., Mat even recalls one being in West Hartford, CT, and this one so happened to be very close to where we live. They had such a huge assortment of yummy-looking treats.

It took a while to try and decide on a select few treats, they all looked incredible! I was so pleased with their variety, and focus on health concerns (i.e. some products were wheat-free).

“I want one of everything!!”

Someone was clearly excited for the overwhelming amount of treats, and cakes which he feasted his eyes on.

I had gone in with the intention to just get him a little puppy cake, but I suckered myself into purchasing a “Banana Mutt Bread”

Yup, not only do they look delectable, but they also have adorably creative names for their items!

The lady working, did a fabulous job at frosting and decorating the cake for the birthday boy

And Toby definitely appreciate dthe hard work that was put into baking / frosting this cake 🙂

mmm frosting 🙂

…However, I think he enjoyed the frosting FAR more than the actual cake, and I did not blame him. Okay, I will be honest, I tried a little bite from his cake, and found it to taste pretty bland — I know I know, it’s meant for pets, not people…but hey, there’s not major harm in trying it out!

Today has been filled with a bunch of sunshine, playing, and long walks…now it’s time for cuddling, popcorn, and a good movie to fall asleep to with the birthday pup and Mat 🙂 That nutrition paper can wait until tomorrow….


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