“Very Inspiring Blogger” Award Nomination :)

Thank you SO much Kat at Kat’s Health Corner for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  I cannot begin to explain how honored I feel 🙂

If you have a hot second, check out her awesome blog – I LOVE checking it out frequently to get recipe ideas. Not to mention, I adore her passion towards healthy eating. At fuch a young age (college freshman) Kat amazes me with her knowledge and determination for living a healthy lifestyle I can remember when I was a college freshman (which, don’t worry was only a few short years ago! hehe), I was intrigues by healthy lifestyles, but when it came to healthy food, I indulged in my fair share of processed foods every single day — but hey, we have to begin somewhere don’t we?
Anywho, I definitely recommend taking a look-see at her page for some delicious recipe ideas;)

Now, in order to complete this nomination I have to tell you all 7 facts about myself:

1 – I grew up in Connecticut, which at the time I nearly resented because it was SO boring. It was no until I moved away that I was able to have a deep appreciation for the architecture and beauty that state, as well as the rest of New England, has to offer. I miss the season terribly — not other are can compare the the incredible foliage that New England offers each Autumn.

2-I LOVE penguins. They are absoultely the cutest and funniest little things. Yes, from time to time I enjoy doing the penguin-waddle 🙂

3- I have had the same best friend (and very first friend) since I was three years old. Bethany and I see each other maybe once a year, but when we do catch up – it is as if nothing has changed…no time has gone by. And that is a true friendship.

Para-sailing in Cabo — she might kill me for posting this picture, but its a fab. depiction of us 🙂

4 I love hiking. And after taking my Nutrition for Optimal Longevity  course this past term, I have grown a deeper admiration for it. Among the majority of the cultures across the world, once common activity that kept them strong, active, and physically healthy was hiking. I am VERY fortunate to live in a general area within the states that offers an endless variety of hiking trails.

Oh ya know, just getting lost and climbing through branches at Rustic Canyon 🙂

5- I love football – I’m a huge Patriots fan, and will bad-mouth you at a sports bar if you root for an opposing team. Sorry, it’s one of my many vices 🙂

Mat and I and our friend Adam before a game a few years back

6- I plan to travel in the near future to Ghana, Guam, Guatemala, Thailand, etc. to name a few on a medical mission to supply access to healthcare to individuals. This has been a dream / desire very close to my heart for countless years.

7- I am addicted to frozen yogurt. And I am proud to say I typically have it at least once a day…especially now during the dog days of summer!

My two favorites: Humphrey Yogart, and Studio Frozen yogurt. yuuuummyy! This is one addiction I refuse to kick 😉

Here are a few Blogs I look to each day/several times a week for inspiration to apply towards my own life:

1-The Berry — this site is seriously my new addiction!
2- Better with Berries
3-Blueberry Smile

4- Skinny Taste

5-Wishful Chef
6-Little Bitty Bakes
7-Peas and Crayons
8-Fitting it all in
– Leslie Carter @ The Bucket List
10-Cult Fit
11-Frugal Feeding
12- Sumptuous Spoonfuls
13-Things my Belly Likes
14-Eat Sweat Smile
15-Sweet Pea’s Kitchen

I hope you guys continue to find a little inspiration and new ideas on here on how to adapt to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

6 thoughts on ““Very Inspiring Blogger” Award Nomination :)

  1. you are a ROCKSTAR, cuz! 😀
    your blog keeps me pumped about living happy and healthy and very proud to be a part of your life 🙂
    i luv ya!

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