Zion Day 1

Last month for Mat’s birthday, I booked us a 2-night hotel-stay just outside of Mt. Zion National Park located in Southern Utah. This called for a perfect weekend get-away filled with fun hikes 🙂
After over 6-hours, driving through CA, NE, AZ, and UT, we finally arrived at Mt. Zion National Park yesterday! And believe me, it was well worth the long car-ride 🙂

It is absolutely breathtaking.

After being cooped up and tired all day, we figured we would take a walk on the dog-friendly  trail along the Virgin River.

The trail was very leisure, which was good enough for us at that point.
It was really neat how well preserved the entire park is, and the friendly wildlife that we saw


Once we were finishing up our hike, I was in the mood for something very hearty for dinner. On our way out of the park, we passed by Buffalo Trails Trading Co, which were well-known for their buffalo burgers. This pit-stop was a combination of a huge souvenir shop, and a very cozy restaurant. Right when we entered with our bellies growling, Bob, the owner, greeted us with so much hospitality. We could not deny ordering a buffalo burger, which I had never tried before. That, along side a fresh salad sounded perfect.

Excuse the goofy look on my face, it was SUPER windy and sand kept getting in my eyes!!

First he brought out the side salad, which he chopped and prepared on his own (nothing had been pre-cut), with a side of his self-made raspberry vinaigrette. the dressing was so light and sweet, with a hint of tartness. Very refreshing.

gotta be a little nutritious, even on vacation 🙂

Then out came the monster…the buffalo burger.

can you find a more perfect looking burger?! dang!!

Marinated and grilled to perfection (as you can tell by the grill marks), this was by far the very best burger I think I have ever had. Now, I don’t eat burgers that often, and when I do, I like to make it skinny-style; but let me tell you, this was more than worth all the fat, salt, and cholesterol in each bite. This burger was heaven.

Day two consists of a very applause-able hike, which will make anyone’s legs feel like jello! stay tuned my fellow nibblers 🙂  

Have you ever tried a buffalo burger?? I personally want to try out Ostrich and Kangaroo burgers – they sound so interesting, and they are apparently very healthy (compared to our typical cow-burger)


3 thoughts on “Zion Day 1

  1. it all sounds so wonderful! so glad you guys are taking in all the sights and places within your proximity. that’s a very awesome area of the world!
    love you guys, be safe! 🙂

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