Wiggly Legs – Zion Day 2

Day two of our weekend adventure at Zion National Park was very strenuous, which we had anticipated.
We started our day off at Park House Cafe, just a few miles upon entering the park, for a body fueling breakfast…we were going to need it! The little eat-spot was somewhat quaint, very country style with the interior design, and the ladies working were very attentive to each customer.
We opted to dine outside, since we had Toby (don’t worry, we dropped him off at a daycare  before beginning our long hike!!), and were so anxious for our food to finally arrive.

Mat ordered the french toast with bananas on top, which he enjoyed each bite of and made remarks on how it was not too heavy on his stomach like french toast typically is. His one complaint – he wished it came with bacon strips. While Mat chowed down on french toast, I enjoyed this feast:

mm what a great way to start the day off before a long hike

A very thick egg-white omelet with assorted roasted veggies topped off with avocado, alongside with watermelon, potato bites, and rye toast. The omelet, was to perfection, as were the toast and little taters, which Mat snagged quite a few of 😉 Needless to say this got us satisfied and fueled for what we were about to get ourselves into for the day…

I suggested that we spend the day doing a strenuous hike, since it was the only full day that we would have to send there. Mat did some research on the different routes, and chose Angel’s Landing. Couldn’t sound more perfect 🙂 All we knew about this hike was that it was  to take about 5 hours in duration, and required advanced hiking/climbing skills. “I’m in!”

We honestly had no idea how high we were really going until after we finally got back down and looked up at what we just climbed…

Angels Landing was at the very tippy-top of that big ol mountain.

Oh boy! Throughout the duration of our hike, as we got higher and higher, the scenery continually got more beautiful.

so beautiful

Of course I had to goof around a little bit on our way up!

great hiding spots 🙂

There was a spot designated as “Scouts Look-out” which we thought was the “landing point”…until we walked a little further saw this sign and glanced upward at a very steep incline lined with chains to assist in the climb.


We figured…we’re here now, why wimp out an turn around? The warning sign of “6 deaths since 2004” made us a little weary, but I figured hey, at least I’d be lucky number 7! 😉 All joking aside, this was a very scary incline, definitely not one for a novice.
The hike upward towards Angels Landing is a 1,488 ft high incline with the first few miles being moderately difficult, and the home stretch is only for the brave and skilled. The thing that makes it even more risky is the fact that these mountains are mainly comprised of sandstone. Therefore, when weathering and erosion occurs, sand forms, and can create a very slippery step if an individual is not careful enough.

It seemed like every “peak” of the climb we hit, there was always more to climb. At one point when I saw more to go I yelled out “aw fudge!!” (yeah, you’re right, I didn’t say “fudge”) and everyone behind me couldn’t help but laugh 😛

Alas, we finally reached the top….


Woohoo!! This was worth every step! The top was not entirely flat, in fact there was a slight  angle of the top rock, which had me very apprehensive to fully stand on this platform….slow and steady I stood….

And eventually my daredevil came out…

oh hey, lets do some yoga! 

 After all, Zion is known to act as one’s sanctuary within nature. I was just getting my zen on. As I was trying to get into this pose, everyone around me was like “oh my gosh, no no no!!” Little did they know how stubborn I am — if you tell me “no” then I more than likely will retaliate!!

Overall it provided a breathtaking view; however, I do not recommend looking down…


a 1,488 ft drop is not a pleasant thought.
The way down was almost just as challenging, since our legs were already beyond fatigued, and downward required a lot of control and stability provided by your quadriceps. When we finally reached flat land, we could not be more thrilled..so much so that Mat ran down to the river to get some water (we had already gone through 5 bottles!).

drink uup!!

At first I thought he was nuts, until he raved about how good it actually tasted. He bottled some up for me, and I have to say, he was right! This water was so refreshing, and clean. Props to nature and clean water! 🙂

And you can guess where we ended up after picking the pup up…yup fro-yo.

           chocolate, cheesecake, berries and some oreo dust 🙂

This is the only picture I remembered to snag of our cups, but sadly we indulged in about 6 additional ones this trip because it was ridiculously hot!!

Day 2 was such a success, great exercise that really had our legs feel like jello, beautiful views, refreshing water, and well deserved cup of fro-yo….and a great night’s rest 🙂

4 thoughts on “Wiggly Legs – Zion Day 2

    • Thank you Vicki 🙂 I hope to go back there again in the near future, as well as Bryce Canyon and the Arches in Utah – so beautiful! We are so fortunate to have such natural beauty on earth.

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