Emerald Pools – Zion Day 3

Whoops! Our third day at Zion National Park slipped right away, and I completely neglected to clue you guys in on our last day spent at one of nature’s sanctuaries.
Unfortunately due to a six-hour drive, and potential Los Angeles Monday traffic, we had to plan to leave fairly early to make it home with enough time to get ready for work the following day.
Our morning began with packing and checking out of our little hotel, and dropping Toby off for a few hours at a nearby daycare. Then it was off to spend one last time (until next time) hiking with such breath-taking scenic view.
While very little could compare to the hike we did on Day Two, our trek to the Emerald Pools still got our heart rates up, and our legs workin’.

the falls at the lower pools

There were three different trails that brought us to either the lower, middle, and upper pools. Unfortunately we only had enough allotted time to reach the lower and middle sections; each of which, were absolutely beautiful.

The lower Emerald Pool

The trails themselves were a little more enclosed, compared the the other hikes, but it made everything feel more hidden – almost as if we were on a journey to a hidden spot (as corny as that may sound!). As we hiked higher towards to the middle pools, we went through a ton of different flights of stone stairs.

Woo! feel that hiney burn!!

And we met a few friends along the way 😉

As we kept hiking higher, we could see the falls from the upper pool draining into the middle pools in a distance, as well as a beautiful rainbow that was casting through the falls

so beautiful 🙂

After several flights and moderate inclines, we finally made it to the middle pools.

Of course it was somewhat chained off so that people don’t sneak in for a dip and dirty up the pool!

How can one not be at peace out here? 🙂

The emerald pools got their name for the rich green color of the water, due to the sediment along the bottom. If you visit these at just the right time of day and year, these pools illuminate such vibrant colors. Absolutely magical.

Afterwards, it was very sad to depart from this breathtaking place – especially knowing that our next destination would be the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Oh boy! All in all it is heartwarming to know that such immaculate places like Zion exist, where one can truly be at peace and relish in the beauty that our earth has to offer us.


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