Farmer’s Market Find: Fruity Faces

Hello all! I hope you all have had a marvelous weekend thus far! Ours has been filled with packing.

yes..that ginormous hockey back is filled with clothes, only a portion from my closet…

My apologies for not offering up any recent Farmer’s Market Finds the past few weeks – things have been a little crazy with school, our mini vacation, and moving! Packing and cleaning…not so fun, but it’s gotta get done!

To update you guys on my personal life a little bit, I’m moving down to the west side this week from the valley. I am super excited because this actually gives me at least 2-hours back into my day during the work week. 2 hours?! Yep, that was how much time I spent driving to and from work. As of next week, I will be 5-10 minutes WALKING from work! I don’t know what I am going to do with all that extra time added into my day…oh wait, I know…COOK AND BAKE! Yay 🙂
Now onto the sad part…Mat is unfortunately not joining me on this move, but rather he is headed back to the east to recharge his batteries for career opportunities that are more fitting for him. As upset and bummed as I am, it is important to support him in his decision to pursue personal happiness, establish a more stable professional life/career. This will be the true test of strength and love  🙂  Hey, you know I love a good challenge.

Got mah game-face on!

This weekend, Mat and I were limited on what we could get at the farmer’s market, since we have to sell our fridge, as my new place already has one. Meaning no fridge full of veggies, or fruit – we can’t keep fruit out of the fridge at risk of fruit fly habitation (yuck!!). I did, however, find something very cute and helpful to entice your youngins to eat more fruits and veggies (or even for yourself, if you’re feeling silly).

The owner himself 🙂

These are called “My Fruity Faces.” They are edible stickers which you can place on fruits and veggies to make them more fun and appealing. Yes, they are edible. Even better? They are allergen free – no wheat, eggs, milk, nuts, or gluten!

Spongebob on a cucumber!!

There is a slight sweet undertone to these, but hardly noticeable

I purchased the non-licensed ones, mainly because they were the cheapest. But they do have Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants, which they did by the rights to.

Aren’t these so silly?!

These are a really creative way to get your picky eater to incorporate more nutritious foods. Especially with the ones I got.  You can mix and match different parts of facial features, kind-of like the Mr. Potato Head concept:-p

Now that we got a decent amount of packing done, we are off and on a mission to track down some famous sweets featured on Cupcake Wars 🙂 yummmyy

Hope you had a healthy weekend!


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