Very “Suite” Cupcakes!

As mentioned in my previous post, Mat and I went on a mission to try out some cupcakes which won on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, better known as Suite 106 Cupcakery.

Our evening began roaming around Victoria Gardens, a really cute shopping plaza located in Rancho Cucamonga.

Mat suggested that we try out Kabuki – a popular sushi joint. At first I was hesitant because it is a chain restaurant, but I have heard great reviews on it in the past, so I figured why not try it out and really judge.

I was anything but disappointed. We were greeted with a very friendly hostess, who brought us over to the sushi bar. It had been quite a while since we’ve gone out for sushi, and I had been craving a crab roll. My only issue: they typically mix the crab with mayo. Basically, if you can offer it to me without the mayo, you’re good in my book! And to my satisfaction, the sushi master, Johnny, whipped up a very clean and DELICIOUS king crab roll  for me:

King Crab Cucumber Roll. Perfection.

Holy cow, I was in heaven. And I was so excited to see the adorable seaweed / ginger arrangement in the center of my plate. Remember, sushi can be a healthy clean eat, so long as you make the right choices – if they are good chefs, they will modify it for you 🙂
I picked at the little fish eggs (orange), which added a little sweetness to the crab..yummyy.

Mat opted for the Alaskan Roll

Alaskan Roll… crab and baked salmon, topped off with chives and soy – yumm!

…this was no where near my top choice, but I found it to be surprisingly tasty!!

Next up…cupcakes!

Suite 106 was located in a little foodcourt, definitely not a location I would assume this place to be in. When I think of this place, I imagine a cute little bakery shop. While the atmosphere was a little lackluster, their counter was mouthwatering!!


They are most famous for their Southern Red Velvet & Pancakes n’ Bacon

Mat was set on grabbing a Red Velvet as well a a Double Vanilla (Vanilla with vanilla creme frosting). As delicious as those two choices sounded, something was missing in the mix….chocolate!
We ended up walking away with a red velvet, double vanilla, and a black and white (deep chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting). Even though the food court and the shops were closing up, since it was Sunday, we decided to have a few nibbles before hitting the road back home…

First up..

Southern Red Velvet

Followed by…

Black and White

The red velvet was done to perfection, and a bite of the black and white completely satisfied my chocolate craving. We saved the double vanilla, which we ended up polishing off once we got home – it was light and fluffy with just the perfect touch of sweetness within the frosting on top.
My one complaint: they always change up their daily offerings, and unfortunately they did not bring in any of their mini cupcakes!!! argh….my nibbling took a lot of self discipline to not devour all three at once!

Now I know these are not “nutritious” but they are made with top quality and organic ingredients — how would one possibly win Cupcake Wars with cheap ingredients anyways?! These ladies use only the finest. No chocolate or vanilla extract used here…it’s all Belgian and American chocolate, as well as Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. You can definitely taste the difference. I joke about this because my dad’s dear friend Bruce (owner of the best ice cream you’ll ever indulge in!) yanked my chain a month or so ago about how my blog has been a little high on the sweet end lately 😉 what can I say, I’ll forever have a sweet tooth!
Just remember: always nibble, never deprive yourself, know to keep it healthy and clean at least 75% of the time, and you will be just fine 🙂


Here’s to hoping you have a wonderful kick-start of the week! Mondays are fortunately one of my days off, so today is anticipated to be filled with some yoga, a little packing, and hopefully a hike with the pup and Mat 🙂

And in case you find yourself stuck with a “Case of the Mondays,” take a minute to look back at these awesome old movies pictures 🙂 (Compliments of


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