Farmers Market Find: A Juicy Hybrid Fruit!

My apologies again for withholding from you guys this past weekend’s Farmers Market Find, but I can assure you it sure was a juicy one! If one were to stop by Arnett Farms, it would be quite easy to conclude that their pride produce are pluots. Arnett Farms is well known for their large assortment of fruit. They are always packed year round with all kinds of different fruit, dependent upon what is currently in season.

I can always count on this stand to not only be packed with fresh fruits and customers, but they are also offering up several samples…my favorite thing about the farmer’s market.

You may be asking yourself, what is a pluot? At least I did for quite some time, as I had never seen or heard of this juicy little fruit. Pluots are a combination of, or as I like to call them, a “hybrid fruit”, of plums and apricots. They are a great source of vitamin C, like most fruits, as well as vitamin A.

yummy! with samples for each one!!

The cool thing about these hybrid fruits,  is that they come in an array of varying flavors. One of my favorites, the watermelon plout has a very juicy, and refreshing tastes – it is very similar to a very a light watermelon. Mat’s all-time favorite is the dinosaur egg – which is very rich in sweetness, with a subtle tart undertone.  There are several different varieties such as dapple dandy, flavor queen, flavor king, and Geo Pride.

Pluots have been the only cool “hybrid” fruit that I have tried, apparently mandarins and grapefruits are considered hybrids. However, this site has a pretty cool list of different hybrid fruits that can be grown. I am especially interested to see what a pineberry tastes like!

Have you ever tried any hybrid fruits???

Tell me whatcha think!

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