Banana French toast

MMMM MMM….Sunday mornings are generally my favorite. Mat and I had a great routine: wake up early to hit the gym, have a yummy breakfast, stop by Coffee Bean, and hit up our favorite spots at the farmers market.

Unfortunately this past Sunday was a little different…it was Mat’s last day out here in Los Angeles, before he hit the road to travel back east. Since this was his last morning, I wanted to whip up something special and a little creative for his bon voyage…this called for banana french toast.

This was super easy, but I was really hesitant to try this concoction out in fear that it would turn out horrendous. Thankfully, I was not too disappointed 🙂

Banana French Toast

3/4 C unsweetened almond milk
1/3 C egg whites
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 small banana, ripe, chopped
cinnamon to taste
8-10 slices Prepridge Farm Cinnamon Swirl bread

In a small blender, mix milk and banana slices. Add in egg whites, extract, and cinnamon (optional). Pour into an 8×8 glassware pan. Dip bread slices into mixture, and allow to sit for about 30-60 seconds on each side to absorb the mix. Toss onto a pan or griddle, and flip when bottom side is golden brown.
serve as is, with fruit, syrup, jam, and or whatever you please 🙂

soak it up!!

Proir to trying this out, I asked my mom’s advice on my idea of adding in banana into the batter mix. She forewarned me that it may make the batter a little too thick, to where the bread won’t absorb enough mixture. This only made it a little more time consuming, and I would still leave the slices in the mix a little longer than I did to make them a little more moist.

A few things that make this super healthy:

  • No cholesterol
  • On the lighter side with calories (in comparison to traditional french toast)
  • It is a good source of potassium with the added banana 
  • The cinnamon in the bread and batter acts as a sugar metabolizer, so while there is added sugar in the bread, the cinnamon will help prevent your blood sugar from rising.


This goes to show that it doesn’t hurt to get a little creative in the kitchen – especially when making healthy alternatives!



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