Farmers Market Find: A Korean Classic

This past weekend’s Farmers Market Find came from Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food, who serves up several classic Korean dishes. His most popular is the spicy tofu, seaweed salad, tempeh, and of course…kimchee.

What is Kimchee?
Kimchee, also spelled kimchi, is a fermented napa cabbage mixed with chili pepper flakes, garlic, vinegar and onions. It is excellent for our gut as it acts as a digestive aide. Additionally, it can help enhance immunity, rich in vitamins (B1, B2, iron, calcium, etc), and it may reduce the growth of cancer.
It promoted a healthy gut, acting as a probiotic and balancing our body’s  microorganisms.
It can typically be spicy, but there are varieties that have more of a mild taste.

Since I adore kimchee, I was excited to try out Dave’s recipe. At $7 a jar, it is worth every single dollar. As soon as you open the jar, you experience a the result of fermentation – a potential overflow of kimchee juice rising to the top. Dave warned me about this, and told me to open it slowly to help prevent a mess. While it can potentially be messy, it is actually all healthy. The greater the fermentation that more gut-friendly it is.

While you can consume kimchee as it is, and I love it that way, you can add it into several different dishes. For example, you can use it as a pizza base, in stew, and my favorite: mixed in with pasta and shrimp.

kimchee, rigatoni, shrimp, and steamed broccoli

I find that this is the best way to conserve my kimchee to make it last longer. Otherwise, I can easily eat it all in one sitting (with a bellyache as a result due to an excess of the probiotic juices).

Do you have a favorite Korean dish/side dish? I absolutely love kimchee; however, many are turned off by the spicy taste, and the pungent smell – but I telly ya, the health benefits definitely outweigh those two downfalls.

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