Farmers Market Find: A Squirly Brew!

Typically I have the same Sunday routine when it comes to the farmers market: Breakfast at Crave Café (egg whites, tomatoes, rye toast, and a side of fruit), a stop at Coffee Bean for some flavored coffee with a smidgen of NSA vanilla poured over a large cup of ice, and then hitting up the Farmers Market.

I decided to mix things up a little bit and forwent my Coffee Bean stop. Instead, I made a stop at a fairly new stand at the Studio City Farmer’s market, as of this past February, where many regulars are continually crowding around each weekend! This weekend’s find come from the Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee, where they serve up some fantastic ice cold coffees and lattes.

What separates the Secret Squirrel from your average iced coffee? They handcraft, and cold-brew their coffee. Typically, and I know this from working at Coffee Bean, your average iced coffee is brewed hot with a heavier concentrate of coffee grounds, then it is chilled/set to room temperature to pour over ice. We find this process more common in coffee shops, because it is quick, convenient, and gets the job done of keeping us awake and alert in today’s crazy society. Cold-brew, on the other hand, takes much longer to brew – but let me tell you, the extra hours of brewing and settling is beyond worth it.

Cold-brew coffee takes the acidity level to a much lower level, providing a smooth coffee taste that won’t take a stab at your stomach.

I had the pleasure of meeting and having my coffee crafted by The Secret Squirrel’s co-owner Rebecca. Normally am totally sold on a product if I am intrigued, but even more so when it is done with excellent customer service. Rebecca was incredibly welcoming and willing to chit-chat with me, regardless of the Valley’s rising heat, and the high volume of people around the market. Best of all, while I like to be picky – they make it so easy!

They have one size, and you can either get an iced coffee or iced latte.
They offer up several cream additions: skim, 2% whole, soy, and almond milk.

While I only like unsweetened almond milk, I was happy enough that they actually had almond milk at all (Coffee Bean unfortunately does not offer this…boo).

My coffee looks like it has crazy flames rising up! haha

My new coffee favorite: Regular Secret Squirrel Iced Coffee with almond milk – crafted by Rebecca!


mmm mmm MMM! Thank you Rebecca!!


Have you ever tried classic cold-brew coffee??
 I promise you won’t be disappointed once you do!!

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