Farmers Market Find: Lemon Cucumbers

This weekend’s Farmers Market Find comes from an adorable couple residing right in Studio City (how convenient for them?!) : Lemon Cucumbers

Holy cow! Did one of my favorite veggies just get a makeover?
At a first glance, these heirlooms look like a type of squash, due to their baseball size and shape. When your average person, such as myself, thinks of a cucumber, a long thick green vegetable comes to mind….not so much a round yellow piece of produce.

Terry and Gordon, owners of Hanusek Farms (located in Ojai, CA) have owned and harvested fabulous produce for 6 years.

they were just the sweetest couple 🙂

Terry’s signature to their company is a light, yet distinctive pink – not something you find common on most market trucks and stands. While they have beautiful and attractive USDA and CCOF

certified produce, the one that stood out the most to me, as well as others passing by were their lemon cucumbers. I had never seen or heard of them; not to mention, no other stand at the Studio City Farmers Market offers this creative veggie!

Terry was kind enough to offer me  a sample before grabbing a few. SO refreshing – it had that cool cucumber taste, with a subtle hint of lemon. I was sold right away.

Upon heading home I grabbed a few items at my regular stands, including a handful of lemon basil from the Living Greens stand, which I knew would pair so well with this new cucumber.

Once I arrived back at my place, I got to chopping a few simple items: lemon cucumber, jicama, light cherry heirloom tomatoes, and lemon basil. I let it chill in the fridge for a good 6 hours.

light, lemony, and refreshing. yum!

This was the perfect little side dish for dinner, after a long hot day out here in LA!

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