Farmers Market Find: A very “fun guy”

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! It sure was a hot one, and let me tell you, those refreshing cucumbers from last weekend’s find helped to keep things on the cooler / refreshing side over here!
This weekend’s Farmers Market Find  contantly reminds me of a very corny joke my former high school teacher once told us several years ago:

A mushroom walks into a bar and takes a seat. The bartender comes over and says to him. “We don’t serve your kind here”
So now the mushroom is all depressed, and he gets up to leave. But then, right before he starts walking to the door, he turns back to the bartender and says. “Well…why not, I’m a pretty fungi (Fun guy)”

hehehe I know, I know…but common, its so lame that it is pretty funny.

Every so often, I walk by the  LA Fung Hi stand, in consideration of picking up some mushrooms, but always find myself preoccupied with other stands — plus I normally just pick up the zip-lock bag of them at Trader Joes. I figured it was probably time to change things up and check this place out.

Man oh man! They have such a variety of mushrooms / fungus – most of which I have never heard of, and I guess that would explain their high prices!
Their priciest? The Truffle, also considered to be a culinary gem:

hehe this reminded me of a little fish bowl! The truffle was so little, but she assured us that it lasts a long time.

This one in particular was $60!!!! And it is not even their most expensive one. Apparently, a very little smidgen goes a long way.

I felt a little stingy as I searched for the least expensive one to try out – I was pretty relieved when I saw a few brown bags marked at $5. Hello Lobster Mushrooms…these suckers are priced at $1.13 per OUNCE, not pound. Fortunately, they are fairly light, so I was able to get a pretty good amount for five bucks!

I only wished they were $1.13 per pound…

Apparently, lobster mushrooms, technically are not mushrooms, but rather parasite that grows and feeds off of mushrooms….gross!! For flavor, depending on the mushroom it grows off of, these little suckers may have a kick of spiciness, making it even more complimentary in a seafood dish!

All afternoon I couldn’t wait to whip these suckers up in a stirfry with some shrimp. With an empty Sunday afternoon “to-do” list, I killed some time by taking the pup to the park and read, adn finally surrendered to my nagging taste buds, and headed back to begin slicing and dicing away!

lobster mushroom, thinly sliced and ready to jump in the pan!

I tossed in a sliced onion, a pinch of a garlic clove that I minced, and asparagus in a pan to saute. I then added in frozen shrimp along with red wine vinegar. Finally, I reduced the heat to low, and added the lobster mushroom, along with the cooked pasta. I let everything simmer together for a few minutes before transporting everything onto a plate, and finished it off with a sprinkling of a soy-based “mozzarella” cheese.

oh yes.

one word: incredible.

I would have compiled a more descriptive recipe for you guys, but I made this complicatedly on a wimb…so I would say apply all ingredients “to taste.”

I find that is why I prefer cooking over baking. With baking there is a strict science behind measurements, whereas with cooking, I can typically get away with my “to taste” rule of thumb 🙂

I hope you all have a great start to the week!

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