Farmers Market Find: Moringa

Hello my lovely readers, sorry for my lack of posts – busy busy (and honestly, unmotivated!)

This weekend posed as a slight brick wall in my traditional weekend plans. Sundays are typically spent up in the valley to meander around the Studio City Farmers Market. Well, due to Carmageddon Part II, the freeway I use was completely closed off…and there was no way I was going to be stuck in traffic on the back roads, especially not with this heat today! It was in the 90’s here in the west side, and in the 100’s up in the valley!! yikes!

I began to feel a little lost without seeing my usual vendors and getting my go-to produce this morning, or trying out a new “find”. BUT, as I was on my way home from the gym early this morning, I saw a road blocked off…and some tents…and a sign for a farmers market!!! Conveniently, this Sunday was their grand opening for the Motor Ave Farmer’s Market, which just so happens to be within decent walking distance from me – score!!

After savoring a nice big bowl of protein oats, I cleaned up and grabbed Toby for a nice long walk to check this new market out..Of course, no dogs allowed…shoot!
Fortunately, there was a little tent for free dog-sitting! (double score!!)

I wandered around and was fairly pleased from what I saw. There were a few vendors for fruit, nuts, hummus, cookies, and then there was live music right in  the middle with a face painting table – very family friendly!

Moua’s Family stand

Everything was pretty basic, which is to be expected with a brand new farmers market, but I did manage to find a new item!
Finally, we get to this week’s find: Moringa distributed by Moua’s Farms. This stand was one of the very few that had exceptionally nice veggies and greens available (again, this market is new so we have to keep our expectations very low)

I was curious about this small leafy green, as it looked so generic. Boy oh boy was I wrong. Moringa is actually nicknamed as “the miracle plant.” It is loaded with antioxidants and several other nutrients. It has more iron in comparision to spinach, more vitamin A compared to carrots , and more protein and calcium in comparison to cow’s milk!

Chua, the owner of this family farm explained to me how by just incorporating moringa into your diet, you will no longer need a multi-vitamin, since it provides the necessary nutrients that we need each day. She then went on to tell me how the famous boxer Manny Pacquiao incorporated a large amount of this pant into his diet. In fact, many assumptions were made that his exuberant strength and endurance were a result from steroid usage, when it was really a result of hard work and the consumption of moringa!  

Now I am sure you all are wondering, how should we consume this? Apparently  according to Chua, you can have it raw, stir-fried  and you can even steep it as tea. You can consume it in many different forms and still absorb a multitude of nutrients.
As far as taste goes, it is very bland at first, and then a sharp almost spicy/bitter bite arises among your taste buds. It almost reminded me of the spicy lettuce mix that I have gotten at Scarborough Farms. I have not incorporated it into a meal, but I am thinking it would taste great in a lemon chicken dish. Definitely on my to-do list!

Overall this plant looks and tastes like any other green plant; however, we ought not overlook the incredible benefits it can offer!

2 thoughts on “Farmers Market Find: Moringa

  1. AGREED – Max!!!!
    Karen, the husband is a boxing aficionado – and of course has been watching Manny for years! He will be SUPER interested to learn this secret to success — and hopefully it will help us in our healthy endeavors too.
    As always, you are the bestest; and thank you for the post and info! 😀

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