Farmers Market Find: Domenico’s

Yes, yes I know…once again, it has been while since my last post. But hey, let’s forgive and forget and move on? Heehee:)

This weekend’s Farmers Market Find comes from a man raised in an Italian / Sicilian home with good love and appreciation for food. Domenico DiBartolomeo took his knowledge and love for food and applied it into his business: Domenico’s Foods, where they are most known for their pestos, tapenades, and spreads.

Aside from his popular stand at the farmers market, Domenico has really made a name for himself by being featured in “The food lover’s guide to Los Angeles,” as well as two Food Network appearances: “Two Guys Catering” and one of my favorites, “At Home With Giada.”

With all this popularity, how can one not at least try some of his fantastic foodie products?!

Adrian was very helpful and enthusiastic about the quality of Domenico’s

Adrian, who is always representing Domenico’s each Sunday in Studio City insisted that I try out some of their signature items.

Domenico’s famous pestos: (L-R) Marcona Almond Pesto, Sundried Tomato Pesto, Toasted Walnut Pesto

Delicious Tuscan Bean Spreads: Traditional, and Fire Roasted Chipotle Peppers

Upon sampling, I already had an idea of exactly what I wanted. Now, I am not a huge pesto fan, so I opted out of that. However, I definitely dug in to their white bean spread. It reminded me very much like hummus(minus the lack of garbanzo beans), except this had a smoother consistency.

My favorite?

Easily the Chipotle Spread – I loved the spicy kick, which doesn’t set in until a second or so after consumption.

And I am pretty sure I devoured the majority of this with a side of veggies to dip in while watching football!
At $5 each, this stuff is great, and so versatile. You can use it as a spread for crackers, or as a replacement for mayonnaise on your sandwich. You can also use it for dipping veggies. Additionally, it could also be used to spread over baked chicken, I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds like a yummy idea!


Tell me whatcha think!

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