The Misfit

Hello my fabulous (and patient) readers! Boy, do I ever have a delicious treat to share with you guys! I noticed it has been a while since I’ve shared  on of my restaurant reviews with you guys…well, I can assure you that this one has been worth the wait.

This past weekend was my friend Kelton came through the LA area during his travels, which was perfect timing as it was also my birthday this past weekend (woohoo :)), which meant it was necessary for him to visit and celebrate.
One of the places we headed out to the other night was called The Misfit. Kind-of an intriguing name, huh? I find it very mysteriously appealing.
Located near the famous Promenade in Santa Monica, The Misfit sits alongside several other dining options; however, each time I have ever gone by, it is completely packed. Aside from the obvious popularity, what is even more impressive is the fact that they get all of their ingredients from the Santa Monica farmers market, so you know you are receiving top quality ingredients on your plate!

It just so happened that the head chef was a good friend of Kelton’s, meaning we were able to get hooked up with incredible food, paired with fast and sophisticated service.

The view from upstairs looking down into the main bar / restaurant area

The term “misfit” by definition, fits the ambiance and cuisine perfectly:

A person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart from others 

The cuisine is very unique. The food comes out tapas style, making it easy to share with your dining guests. The core of each dish had an American twist on several different authentic cuisines.

Kelton told our waitress to tell the head chef to feel free to send out whatever he wants…oh boy, we were in for a TON of food…and very good food might I add…

An awful angle of the menu, which is altered every day!


So I ought to warn you that (1) pictures were taken from my iPhone, and it was originally dark inside, so excuse the poor quality, and (2) I only took a few pictures of the first couple plates that came out…we ended up with at least 7 or 8 different things.

First up, Kelton’s cocktail: The Misfit (obviously their signature drink):

I found it to be very smooth, and not overwhelming, unlike most drinks. I find that it is important for drinks to be a little more on the mellow side when dining, to prevent taking away from the flavor of your dish.

Bacon wrapped dates.

Now, the only bacon I will eat is the one my mom makes, I don’t really trust any others, and I am somewhat lactose-intolerant (it comes and goes, but it’s always good to err on the side of caution!). But I could not pass this bad boy up, so I just had a smidgen, and gave the rest to Kelton.
Holy deliciousness.
Inside the date was a balsamic-goat cheese filling which was absolutely incredible. It would have been fine without the bacon; however, the depth and saltiness of the bacon balanced out the sweet combination between the date, balsamic, and goat cheese.

Mexican Style Corn

Each little spear had its own heaping of chili, cilantro, lime, salt, and cotija. It created an incredible sweet flavor, followed by a spicy aftertaste with a hint of smokiness.

And here we have the Hamachi Crudo:

As a sushi lover, this was by far my favorite!

This was easily my favorite, duh because it was fish and the healthiest item that came out. this was a plate of thinly sliced hamachi, with a top layer of thinly sliced avocados, topped off with chili, ginger, cilantro, mustard seeds and ponzu sauce. This was perfection.

A few additional items that I didn’t snap a picture of was the Crispy Lobster Nik Niksbraised pork belly, prime rib french dip nik niks, and grilled broccoli with a saffron dipping sauce. 
The only thing I did not try out was the lobster nik niks, and the pork belly…but I have a no fried food policy I try to attain to, as well as no pork bellies;) BUT each were given two fully stuffed thumbs up from the guys.

To finish off the evening, the servers come by your table and offer little chocolate chip cookies…which may possibly be one of the best I have ever  had. They were incredibly soft, with the perfect touch of salt to pair with the rich sweetness from the chocolate. MmmmMmmMMmmm! 🙂

Me, Kelton, and my roommate David..looks like a ghost wanted to join in on the picture! haha

I highly recommend this place for a get together with family and or friends, the atmosphere is accommodating to just about any crowd/group. The service was well above par, and the food…well that was just unbelievably delicious. But here is your fair warning…you will more than likely be in a food comma for the remainder of the evening…so get those yoga pants and sweatshirts ready to change into when you arrive home! That was exactly what I did!!

Thank you Kelton!! 🙂

The Misfit made for such an enjoyable evening, with wonderful company of my dear friend Kelton and my roommate David:) A wonderful contribution to my birthday weekend!



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