Farmers Market Find: Reed Avocados

Each Sunday, especially during football season, we need a few necessities when getting together with others: beer (just remember to keep it in moderation!) and munchies. So often we are subjected to store-bought, high processed foods to snack on…well how about we change that for the next few Sundays? My favorite go-to munchie is chips/veggies with salsa, but I wanted something different the other week. While roaming around the farmers market, I decided to stop by ACE Ranch, the avocado stand, to see what they’re all about. I’m very wishy-washy on avocados – I’ll go through periods where I absolutely love them, and others where it is just not appetizing at all. I do wish that the former was more consistent because they are an excellent source of healthy unsaturated fats (mono- and polyunsaturated).

Ace Ranch, located in Escondido, CA, is known for their certified organic avocados. And to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone grab avocados at any other stand. Why? well first off, they’re not only certified organic, but you can tell just by looking at them that they are excellent quality – it is important to get your money’s worth these days! Additionally, Evan, who is always at this stand each weekend, is very personable and willing to fully answer any question concerning their produce.

Those bad boys were looking more and more appealing, especially when I wanted something to go along with my salsa and cactus chips while watching some football…yes, guacamole!

Only a few left!! That's how  popular these are!

Only a few left!! That’s how popular these are!

I normally just grab a “hass” avocado and add in some mix-ins, but something else at this stand caught my eye: Reed Avocados. They are about twice the size of a Hass, and according to Evan, they are known for their smooth buttery texture. I was sold on that!
The only issue: it is recommended to wait about 3 days until cutting into this for the best quality. Well I am a rebel and wanted to make some that day, so I felt around for a softer one, along with some limes, and I was off to whip up some guac!

I gathered my ingredients before smashing and going to town on this:
1 lime
1 Reed Avocado
1 Jalapeno
Several grape tomatoes

I sliced open the Reed and wow..

have you ever seen an avocado with brighter coloring?!

have you ever seen an avocado with brighter coloring?!

Evan was not joking on the buttery texture. My knife glided SO smoothly, making beautiful clean cuts. And the color was so vibrant.

I then copped up the tomatoes and jalapenos to mix in, then I tried out something a little new…
I sliced open a lime to add in the juice
Then, I drizzled some Tapatio on each half to allow the juices to mix as I drizzled it onto everything.
But I like things spicy, so I tossed on some more hot sauce 😉



The actual mixing was SO simple, and nearly effortless. I didn’t bother with a food processor or blender, but rather just used a fork, and that did the job perfectly…

Finished product, and ready for dipping!!! :)

Finished product, and ready for dipping!!! 🙂

This was phenomenal  And what was even better, and more impressive, was how long this lasted for! Normally avocados brown within hours of opening, but this took a few days to begin to brown. And even then, I just had to scrap off about half an inch to get to my bright and spicy guac! Thank you Evan of ACE Ranch for this incredible addition to my Sunday football snacking!!

2 thoughts on “Farmers Market Find: Reed Avocados

  1. Hi Karen ,
    I just wanted to tell you that I love your banana bread recipe and have made it 3 times. I think it makes a great breakfast that really holds me over in the morning . Thanks!
    Cindy Burkard

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