Healthy Vegan Frittata

When special occasions roll around, so does my itch to get busy in the kitchen! One of my fellow aides at work sadly had his last day, due to other career opportunities. Normally I would whip up something sweet; however, I stumbled into two obstacles on this one: he only works in the mornings (so cookies and cake aren’t the most appropriate for that early in the morning…okay yes they are but we have to keep this fairly healthy here!) and he has recently adapted a vegan lifestyle. Thanks for the challenge!

Fortunately, my sister-in-law is a phenomenal cook so I knew I could count on her to send me an easy, healthy, vegan recipe…and boy did she deliver well! 🙂

Low and behold, a delicious brunch staple:

Normally this would be served in a round pie dish...but  I didn't have any large ones available - so I resorted to a 9X9 glassware dish

Normally this would be served in a round pie dish…but I didn’t have any large ones available – so I resorted to a 9X9 glassware dish


I was very skeptical on how to possibly make this delicious eggy dish without egg whites, and have it actually taste good, but I figured “hey why not!” and I gave it a shot.
Now, one thing I find about a lot of vegan dishes is that they tend to be high in fat – just because it is labeled “vegan” does not mean it is healthy! This, on the other hand, is actually low in fat, fairly low in carbohydrates, and high in protein…and chock full of veggies! SCORE 🙂

2 packs, or 1 large pack of light firm tofu
3/4 cup of milk substitute (I used unsweetened almond milk)
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
dash of salt
tumeric to taste —I didn’t have any tumeric, so instead I just added in peppercorn
1/4 cup cheese substitute, I used “soy sation” cheddar
Any veggie add-ins you’d like – I used a medium red bell pepper, anaheim pepper, 1/2 a diced onion, and 1 diced zucchini

Preheat oven to 350-degrees
In a blender, add in 1/2 the called-for tofu, the nutritional yeast, flour, salt, tumeric, and milk. Add in the remaining tofu on top to “sandwich” the ingredients together. Blend until everything mixes well and you have a creamy texture.
Stir in your cheese and veggie add-ins.
Pour into a non-stick pie dish, or whatever oven-safe dish you prefer.
Cook for 40-45 minutes
Allow to cool and serve, or store it in the refrigerator
This can be enjoyed cold or hot.


There is no way to make a frittata slice attractive…sorry guys!

And, as someone who LOVES the heat — topping this stuff off with hot sauce such as Tapatio is absolutely delicious!

Have you tried any traditional dishes that have been made vegan??

Have any of you made an attempt at a vegan diet? Personally, and no offense to any vegans, especially  my sister, but it’s not that I couldn’t do it, I just wouldn’t want to. I have a strong affection for chicken, egg whites, turkey, whey, and fish to the point where I have at least 3 of the 4 every single day! It is all a personal preference and choice – not that I do not care about animals, these are just healthy foods I enjoy all too much 🙂

BUT I do have to say, while I was never much of  a fan of tofu…after playing around with it in this recipe, I think I could come accustomed to it a little bit!


Tell me whatcha think!

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