Choosing the Right Meat

When it comes to figuring out which animal, and which part of that animal is the healthiest to consume, things can get quite confusing at first. I recommend a go-to cut for each animal, and sticking with it; if you cannot find that cut in the store or restaurant, move on to the next item. In this case, it really is not worth the excess saturated fat in your body.
Additionally, keep the consumption of red meat to a minimum. Yes, red meat had an excellent source of iron – but it is also an excellent source of fat and cholesterol. Keep in mind that there are several other great sources of iron, if that is what you’re concerned of, such as kale…yummy 🙂

I found this cute diagram from Australian Health and Fitness Coach, Amelia Burton, which lists the overall best meat protein sources:
(I normally don’t place fish in the same category as meat, but I will let this one slide 🙂 )


Not only is the type and cut important, but also the diet while raising the animal. We want to look for “grass-fed” “no hormones” and “vegan diet.” You know the saying “you are what you eat”? Well in this case, we have to remember the chicken (or whatever meat ) we eat is full of what they ate.


Tell me whatcha think!

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