Basic Swaps

There are a few ways to ease into eating healthier by opting to do a few swaps here and there. Here is a list I have compiled of some typical food that the average person would consume, and added in what to trade it in for, enjoy 🙂

Exchange that…                               …for this!                                                       Why?!
Whole Milk                                     2% Milk                                  Less calories & Saturated fat

2% Milk                                          1% Milk                                    Less calories & Saturated fat

1% Milk                                           Skim Milk                                Less calories & no fat

Breaded Meat                   Grilled /Broiled Meat        Less empty calories, and saturated fat

Chicken Bisc. sandwich        Egg McMuffin                        Same Protein, less fat and calories

White Bread                       Whole GRAIN (not wheat)      Less/no refined sugar, and the
grains have not been stripped

Creamy dressing                 Vinaigrette dressing               Less calories and saturated fat

Cereal                                       Rolled Oats                                 Less processed / refined ingredients

Snapple Teas                Fresh Brewed  Teas                         Check out Snapple’s ingredients – it’s more than just tea


Tell me whatcha think!

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