Healthy Vegan Frittata

When special occasions roll around, so does my itch to get busy in the kitchen! One of my fellow aides at work sadly had his last day, due to other career opportunities. Normally I would whip up something sweet; however, I stumbled into two obstacles on this one: he only works in the mornings (so cookies and cake … Continue reading

Fitness Review: Hot8Yoga

Hello my wonderful readers! I have recently had a new obsession with Groupon and Living Social lately with all of their fitness deals, which came at a good timing as I have been getting bored with my gym routine — I LOVE lifting, but I’ve noticed that I need to compliment it with other forms … Continue reading

Defend yourself from Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (TIIDM) is one of the leading causes of death in Americans, and it is also a preventable chronic disease ..key word: preventable, meaning our risk is in our own personal hands. Sadly, according to the CDC Diabetes fact sheet, Type II Diabetes accounts for 95% of all diabetes cases Diabetes is … Continue reading